5 Measuring Points vs. 1 Measuring Point

5 Measuring Points vs. 1 Measuring Point

How do you know that you get a precise measurement of the core temperature using a meat thermometer with a probe? 

You don’t know!

Not when you are using a traditional meat thermometer, but using CookPerfect’s smart thermometer makes you able to measure the EXACT core temperature!  

It is remarkable how our CookPerfect Comfort and CookPerfect Wireless is able to measure the exact core temperature of your meat. The reason is the 5 measuring points instead of 1! 

Why 5 measuring points instead of 1?

All traditional cooking thermometers have 1 measuring point at the tip of the probe. This measuring point is calibrated to function and measure exactly in one specific temperature area. This is the thermometer’s one big nemesis; how do you know if you have placed the probe at the exact spot of the food you are cooking?

In a roast – e.g. a beef fillet – can even half an inch mean a difference in temperature up to 10 degrees. In some cases this difference will mean differentiating between medium and well done.

Therefore, you have to guess by controlling and checking – and replacing – the thermometer to make sure that you get a perfect result. Sometimes it will succeed and other times it will not.

Patented technology

With CookPerfect’s patented technology the uncertainty in measurements will end. CookPerfect’s probe has more measuring points, which makes it not necessary to replace and control if the probe is placed correctly.

Virtually, you are able to place the probe in a random place in your fillet, and still obtain a perfect measurement of the core temperature, thus getting the degree of cooking – easily – every time you use CookPerfect.


A complex algorithm is behind it all

Besides the many measuring points – that in itself cannot guarantee that the temperature is spot on – the CookPerfect app has an incredible complex algorithm that handles the measurements and the data collected from the probe. 

This is where the magic starts! 

It is this formation (of many measuring points and complex maths) that means that the probe basically can be placed anywhere in the beef fillet and still obtain correct measurements.

CookPerfect simply measures the coldest spot of the meat, based on the measuring data from the five measuring points. This is in no way a question of “a median” of the 5 measuring points – or other guesswork. Large quantities of data, the connection between the many measuring points in the probe, and the algorithm, is the secret – and the patent – in the CookPerfect universe.

Why does this make sense?

Besides the obvious that 5 measuring points beat 1 measuring point, the technology behind CookPerfect smart thermometers makes first of all sure that you ALWAYS get the cooking temperature to whatever you wish. 

Other than that there are several more interesting aspects to look at.

The core temperature moves upwards during cooking

For example, if you heat your beef fillet on a grill, then the coldest spot inside the meat – the core temperature – will move during cooking.

The coldest spot will in the beginning be exactly in the middle – the spot that you typically aim to hit with a traditional thermometer. However, on a grill the heat will primarily come from below, and the coldest spot will therefore move upwards during cooking.

The result of this will be that the beef fillet will be cooked more in the bottom than in the top. Therefore, if you have succeeded in hitting exactly the middle of the beef with the traditional thermometer then the measurements will be incorrect, because the coldest spot has moved upwards in the fillet.

CookPerfect is able to – as the only thermometer in the world – livetrack the movement of the core temperature, and as a result of this, always show you the correct core temperature.

Meat that writhes during cooking

Another known problem is meat that “writhes” during cooking. 

Imagine a cuvette, where the fat and fibres pull together the meat to such a degree that it completely changes shape. In such a case, the traditional meat thermometer will – whatever brand – fall short, whereas CookPerfect’s technology again will excel.

Fun fact: The CookPerfect probe is called a sensor, because it measures the temperature along the length of the probe instead of just the tip.