About Us

Where it all began

The idea began in 2015 due to how complicated it was to achieve perfectly cooked meat using regular thermometers available on the market. Like many Danes, we love to barbecue but have too often experienced that the delicious meat on the barbecue was over-or undercooked, despite always using a meat thermometer.

We thought there had to be a simpler and better way, and that idea resulted in the CookPerfect.

The first product launch was in early 2018 and now CookPerfect is sold worldwide.

It is our mission to provide innovative, easy-to-use, and high-quality thermometers for the people who desire perfectly cooked food.

We are proud to have received the acknowledgment from our users that CookPerfect is not just a thermometer to them – it’s a tool that improves their quality of life.

CookPerfect makes it safe and simple to cook like a Pro, and at the same time, you can do what you like the most.


Cooking is all about heating up to a desired temperature. This temperature needs to be precisely measured in order to get consistently perfect results.

Regularly thermometers only have one point of measurement why controlling the cooking is both complicated and time-consuming to achieve good cooking results.

In fact, missing the core by just one centimeter can give a difference of up 10 degrees – the difference in cooking results from a Medium-rare to a Medium-done.

CookPerfect has developed an intelligent and interactive thermometer, which is the only product on the market that always guarantees the desired result – no matter how the thermometer is placed in the food.

“Our purpose is to make it easy for everybody to cook a perfect meal by offering innovative thermometers.”