Introducing CookPerfect Comfort



This is where it all started. The CookPerfect Comfort. The first cooking thermometer in the world with 5 measuring points inside the same sensor.

Cooking thermometer with bluetooth

Our Bluetooth thermometer makes sure that your meat is cooked to perfection – every single time!

Connect your cooking thermometer to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and follow your cooking in real-time. 

Just sit back and let our cooking thermometer do all the work!

A specially developed algorithm

The secret behind this cooking thermometer is a specially developed algorithm that calculates the core temperature instead of measuring it.

With other thermometers, the core temperature is measured at the tip of the sensor. With CookPerfect, the temperature is measured at multiple points on the sensor. 

Our algorithm calculates the exact core temperature of the meat.

Great Bluetooth range

CookPerfect Comfort has a great Bluetooth range, which is up to 120 metres. With the Cloud extension, however, you are able to obtain unlimited range.   

The Bluetooth integration in the thermometer makes you able to connect with your phone using our CookPerfect app.