A smart wired meat thermometer

Our Bluethooth meat thermometer makes sure that your meat is cooked to perfection – every single time!

Our intelligent and interactive meat thermometer uses multiple measuring points, and an algorithm to ensure perfectly cooked meat – regardless of how the sensor is placed in the meat. 

CookPerfect Comfort is the world’s first intelligent meat thermometer that ensures you a perfectly cooked meal every time. 

Just sit back and relax, and let our smart thermometer do all the work!

Cookperfect black edition

A specially developed algorithm

The secret behind the meat thermometer is a specially developed algorithm that calculates the core temperature instead of measuring the temperature.

With other thermometers the core temperature is measured at the tip of the probe. With CookPerfect the temperature is measured multiple places inside the meat. 

Together with the measurement of the ambient temperature, our algorithm calculates the exact core temperature of the meat.

Read more about our mathematical algorithm here.

Cookperfect black edition

Great Bluetooth range

Our meat thermometer has a great Bluetooth range up to 120 metres, however with the Cloud extension you are able to obtain unlimited range.   

The Bluetooth integration in the thermometer makes you able to connect with your phone using our CookPerfect app. The app lets you follow your cooking in real time. 

You are able to set the temperature for your meat, and let you see your previous cooking adventures.

Read more about the CookPerfect app here. 

Correct thermometer placement

With CookPerfect you do not have to worry if you have placed the sensor exactly in the middle of the meat.

Our smart thermometer enables you to place the sensor everywhere you like inside the meat. 

The multiple measuring points and our mathematical calculation makes sure that you get the exact core temperature every time.

App features and setup methods

The app comes with three setup methods, which makes you able to choose between desired temperature, style or image.

It gives you an estimated finish time, and lets you set up alerts for when your meat has reached your desired temperature.

You are able to monitor your cooking, and much more inside the app.  

Use two sensors at the same time

The thermometer supports the use of two sensors at the same time. 

Just insert a sensor in each roast, and connect them via the wire to the CookPerfect thermometer. Then you are able to follow the progress of the meat via the app on your phone

The thermometer comes with one sensor, but you can buy more individually.