The secret is a specially developed algorithm (mathematical calculation)

Cooking is all about heating up to a desired temperature. This temperature needs to be precisely measured in order to get consistently perfect results.

Regularly thermometers only have one point of measurement, why controlling the cooking is both complicated and time consuming to achieve good cooking results.

In fact, missing the “coldest spot” in the food by just one centimeter can give a difference on up to 10 degrees. This has a huge impact, not only on the cooking, but also in relation to food safety (studies actually show this to be a much bigger problem than many people think).

The CookPerfect thermometer monitors the temperature in different places and then calculates the coldest spot. With the intelligent CookPerfect thermometer you are always guaranteed to measure the temperature at the coldest spot, regardless of how the thermometer is placed, and what is more, you will also know precisely when the meat will be done.

Precise measurement

Multiple temperatures are accurately measured inside the food. These temperatures are used in our specially developed algorithm to calculate the precise temperature of your food.

Simple, first time placement – perfect results

Plan a perfect meal

With multiple measuring points, CookPerfect accurately calculates the rate of heat flow in the food, and thereby precisely predicts when the desired temperature will be reached.

Personal time manager – perfect meal!

Integrated sensor for ambient temperature

Why it is important:

When knowing the temperature of your food you have a precise measurement of the condition in which your food was prepared. So once you have found the “right ambient temperature for you", it get easier to repeat the same procedure for next time.

All the temperatures you need – in one Sensor