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The secret is a specially developed algorithm (mathematically calculation)
The story


A barbecue should be a complete experience for everyone – including the host

We all know the feeling. The sun is shining, your friends are gathered in the garden, their glasses are full, the atmosphere is great. But one person is missing: the barbecue chef, who is frantically trying to get the meat perfectly cooked – and ready to be served at the same time as everything else on the menu. A stressful endeavour. The grill is opened and closed, the meat thermometer is used diligently – inserted into the meat in different places in an attempt to measure the core temperature – and yet, the result is not quite what you’d hoped for, as the often expensive cut of meat ends up being overcooked, or served ten minutes after the potatoes and the salad.

The CookPerfect Intelligent Meat Thermometer guarantees perfect meat regardless of how the thermometer is placed in the meat. Every time. This means you can escape from the stress, and instead relax and socialize with your guests.

A barbecue should be a complete experience for everyone – including the host. With the CookPerfect Intelligent Thermometer, you get a specific finish time for the preparation of your meat – based on the selections you entered using the App. So forget the stress and insecurity, and focus on relaxing and having a good time with family and friends.

“And as the cherry on top, you are guaranteed to serve them a perfect piece of meat.”



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