CookPerfect Cloud optimises your cooking!

CookPerfect Cloud optimises your cooking!

Being in charge of cooking the meat can be stressful. It has to be perfect, right? Say goodbye to worrying about poorly cooked meat and hello to tasteful and juicy meat every time with the CookPerfect app!

Once you have created your CookPerfect user profile, you will find various options for how to use and get the full experience of CookPefect!

One of these is CookPerfect Cloud, where you, among other things, are able to see your cooking history, and then it gives you unlimited range, which means you can follow your cooking from any distance you like.

See previous preparations

When logged in with a CookPerfect user profile and you begin preparing a meal, your data will be stored in the Cloud. This means that you will always have access to your cooking history in the app.

You can find inspiration from your previous recipes, and try out the many different temperature settings. Should the worst happen, and you lose internet connection when cooking, then fear not – you can continue from where you left off once the connection is restored.

All data from previous and current preparations will, of course, be stored safely according to general data protection regulation (GDPR).

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth gives you an unlimited connection range

With CookPerfect Cloud, you will have an unlimited connection range, regardless of whether you use CookPerfect Wireless or CookPerfect Comfort. This feature reduces the limitations of cooking with a smart thermometer but will provide you with opportunities for increased user experience.

If you have the new CookPerfect Wireless smart thermometer, you can connect the sensor to the CookPerfect App via both WIFI and Bluetooth. If you use WIFI, then you will have the strongest connection, unlimited connection range, and you should not worry about losing connection no matter how far away you are from the cooking station and the CookPerfect sensor.

If you connect your CookPerfect Wireless to Bluetooth, your connection range will be limited. Our CookPerfect Comfort smart thermometer can only be used with a Bluetooth connection.

Endless opportunities with Bluetooth

You can still have the option of unlimited connection range if you connect via Bluetooth. You can use a function, where you can connect an extra smartphone or tablet as a sending unit for the device, you want to have an unlimited connection range on.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Set up your cooking on your smartphone or tablet, as you normally would do.
  • Place your device within the Bluetooth range of the CookPerfect receiver. Here, you can connect this device to the Cloud in the app.
  • On your other device, you connect to the Cloud and the cooking in the app. You can take this device with you everywhere. The only requirement is that both devices are connected to networks either via wifi or mobile data.

Do not worry about losing connection

Being independent of a limited smart thermometer and experiencing an unlimited connection range from our products gives you a better user experience. You do not need to worry about losing progress when disconnecting. You can carry on with your everyday life with your smartphone in the back of your pocket. 

Do you enjoy long preparations? You can easily start in the morning, leave for the day, and still follow your cooking.

The CookPerfect Cloud feature makes it easy to achieve perfect results.


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